Contract logistics

It is a long time since companies delivered their goods en bloc. Nowadays terms like outsourcing, warehousing, and contract manufacturing represent new kinds of cooperative production. Without on time transportation and purposeful logistics they cannot work. Send for Vectura to optimize actual structures. Amongst Vectura’s staff you can find skilful experts focusing on specific needs of modern and highly efficient contract logistics for many years.

No matter if your company produces vehicle parts, high-quality tools or any other goods involving suppliers of any kind: The processes arising from this kind of production are tightly connected to logistic challenges. At the same time external logistics service providers play a vital part in ever tighter international production chains.

Maybe you wonder for quite some time whether this highly complex and extensive processes in your company are streamlined, efficient, and economic. Specialized and experienced professionals of Vectura Consulting give you coherent answers to this question. Outsourcing, manufacture of parts, final assembly, or other value added services may be of prime importance: We unreservedly screen all included processes and costs for profitability and as the need arises we make proposals how to make this field even more lucrative.