Environmental awareness in logistics

More and more people start to notice the environmental effects of transportation and logistics. If you want to make sure to include the environment into the process of optimization of your logistics, you are in safe hands with Vectura.

In addition to our core competence of analyzing logistic processes and its related costs we offer the tool “Calculation of Emissions”. The results are presented vividly. This provides an extra criterion for your decision process, which logistics service provider you will hire in future.

Your customers will appreciate your commitment to the environment. Solely you decide, of what value a good carbon footprint is for you.

Our calculations are in accordance with the regulation EN 16258. This way all results are lucid and easy to compare. But not only do we follow this regulation, we also developed an exceeding method, especially tailored for optimization of transport costs. This enables you to take even more environmental aspects into consideration and make a well founded decision.