Reporting of key indicators

Comprehensive transparency is the key element you should focus on for lasting optimization of your costs concerning transportation, logistics and warehousing. Only those who break down costs and allocate them the best are able to manage the whole issue. Vectura is making many things even more transparent. We visualize your logistics in graphics and figures.

You can do a quantum leap in planning and managing costs of your logistic processes and warehousing services in case you fan out logistic routes, worldwide commodity flows, and storage structures in future. That is exactly what the specialists of Vectura Consulting can determine the course for. For example we precisely analyze which amount of which product you are sending to which area (e.g. postal code). Or we evaluate for your company, what freight volume you are sending by land, by air, or by sea – and how much you are paying for that in the end. Even more transparency is generated by calculating additional parameters for you: from number of orders per day, month, or quarter via average weight of sending to the split of deliveries carriage-free or ex works.

With the aid of our comprehensive expertise we realize new transparency for your logistic processes. Based on this you are able to control your expenditures much more precisely. Our experience and our contact to current customers tell us that the fields transportation, logistics and warehousing contain opacities many times. This results in a control of logistics costs solely by monitoring the annual expenses. Therefore such costs are considered fix and immutable. But believe us: The more insight you get here, the better you can examine all aspects and lower your expenses.